Woman in Abu Dhabi ordered to pay Dh15,000 fine for insulting man in a mall


Complainant said woman had called him ‘impolite and shameless’ in public

Abu Dhabi: A woman has been ordered to pay Dh15,000 to a young man whom she had called ‘impolite and shameless’ in public.

The verdict was announced by the Abu Dhabi Court of Appeals, upholding a previous order by the Abu Dhabi Court of First Instance.

The incident
According to court records, the defendant had called a young man ‘impolite and shameless’ in a mall. The man then filed a complaint against her. The Abu Dhabi Criminal Court ordered her to pay Dh1,000 as a fine, and the man then followed up with a civil suit claiming Dh100,000 in moral damages.

The civil court then ordered the defendant to pay Dh15,000 in compensation, in addition to court fees. She appealed the ruling, saying that the man had attempted to stalk her daughter and pass on his contact details to her. The appellate court, however rejected this appeal, citing a lack of evidence that showed provocation by the young man.




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