Abu Dhabi extends 50 per cent traffic fine discount for three months


Scheme that was meant to wrap up on March 22, continues until June 22

Abu Dhabi: Abu Dhabi is extending its 50 per cent traffic fine discount for another three months, it was announced on Saturday.

The scheme, which was initially launched in December, allowed people who had incurred fines before December 22, to get 50 per cent discounts and avoid impoundment or black points for three months. There were also 35 per cent discounts for those who cleared their fines within 60 days and 25 per cent discounts for those who left it longer than 60 days.

Authorities said this didn’t count for dangerous violations.

Now the scheme, which was meant to finish on March 22, will continue until June 22.

Abu Dhabi Police said it was committed to motivating community members to adhere to the laws, alleviate their burdens and enable them to settle their legal status.


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