Bella Hadid’s subtle message for Selena Gomez as tensions ease between the two


The tension between singing sensation Selena Gomez and supermodel Bella Hadid is no news to the world.

However, the reality may be poles apart from what conjecture may lead you to believe. Both of the leading ladies of Tinseltown having dated The Weeknd in the past were said to be sharing sour ties with each other but that seems to be quite far away from the truth.

The two sparked buzz once again in tabloids after a subtle hint was dropped by Bella on where things stand for the two now.

While Selena follows Bella on Instagram, she did not get a follow back but Bella’s latest Instagram activity shows they may be headed on a more cordial route after the 23-year-old model liked one of Selena’s posts.

Earlier, the two had grabbed headlines after Bella deleted an Instagram post following Selena’s supportive comment on it.

However, addressing the episode later, Selena clarified: “I shouldn’t of spoken without knowing the truth. I’m sorry. Please don’t be hurtful. She is a wonderful person, and it was all a misunderstanding.”


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