Britain is the second largest investor in Saudi Arabia with $16 billion


The Saudi market has become one of the 10 most attractive countries in the world from an investment perspective in 2024.

Considered the United Kingdom The second largest foreign investor in Saudi Arabia About $16 billion in investment stocks, as revealed by the Minister of Investment, Engineer Khalid bin Abdulaziz Al-Falih, during a dialogue session that included the British Minister of Investment, Lord Dominic Johnson, within the activities of the “Great Futures” conference in King Abdullah Financial City in Riyadh.

The Saudi Minister of Investment touched on the acceleration in attracting investments and their diversification, and that many companies have chosen the Kingdom as an investment incubator, including 52% of major British companies and promising companies, which achieves the goals of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, as the Saudi market has become one of the 10 most attractive countries in the world in 2024.

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He said : “The investment sector relies heavily on banks and investment in the financial field, indicating that the Kingdom is the most accelerating economy over the past six years.
In turn, British Investment Minister Lord Dominic Johnson said that the Kingdom has achieved great and widespread successes in the areas of investment between the two countries, and stressed that this economic cooperation will continue for several decades to come.

He stated that the economic cooperation between the two kingdoms demonstrates the depth of relations and joint cooperation, as the United Kingdom is keen to participate in Saudi development in all fields. He said that the remarkable development in the Kingdom and the ease of access to investment in the Saudi market, and seizing exceptional opportunities for investors is important to attract investors from the United Kingdom. .


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