Dolly Parton writes quarantine-themed poem


Singer shared her fun lyrics on her Instagram page

American singer-songwriter Dolly Parton is putting her legendary songwriting skills to use to entertain fans during the Covid-19 outbreak. The 74-year-old singer shared a video on Instagram on Thursday (local time), while she recited a coronavirus social distancing-themed poem. The video features her sitting as she faces the camera and begins the clip by shouting to someone off-screen, feigning in-home chaos. She captioned the post as, “A poem for all of you!”

She shouts, “Can you hold it down in there? I’m trying to do a video in the studio. What? My accountant’s calling? Well, tell him to kiss my assets goodbye because they’re dwindling to nothing. No, you can’t put a mask on a turtle!”

The country singer then turns to face the camera directly, telling viewers she’s written a poem about the ongoing crisis. This too shall pass, as all things will / if the virus don’t kill us, the stay at home will / the kids are bored and restless / they scream and yell and squawk / and the teens and tweens, they’re just plain mean / they bite your bleepin’ head off, she says.

The Jolene crooner then pokes fun at couples that have found it difficult to quarantine with their significant others. She recited, And all those lovin’ couples that were once so sweet and cozy / now the fight like cats and dogs, like Donald [Trump] and [Nancy] Pelosi. Lord, get us back to school and get us back to work / and get us out of this God dang house ‘fore someone gets hurt.

Parton then wished for a vaccine, And Lord, please find a vaccination in the form of a shot or a pill/’cause if the virus don’t kill us, the stayin’ home will. Concluding the video, Parton sighs and jokes, “I got things to do.” ANI


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