Facebook may ban political advertisements before US presidential election



  • Advertisements are likely to be banned in America before the presidential election to be held in November this year.
  • Stopping the advertisements can also prove to suppress the voice of some groups, Facebook is yet to take a final decision on this.
  • San Francisco. Facebook may ban political advertisements across its network amid campaigning in the US primary election. The ban is likely to be imposed in the US ahead of the presidential election in November this year. Sources say that a final decision is yet to be taken on Facebook. Significantly, the discussion on the matter of banning political advertisements is going on at the end of last year.Every aspect is being consideredFor this, every aspect is being considered along with taking feedback from political groups and candidates. He said that discussions on this issue have gained momentum in recent weeks. The presidential election on November 3 is getting closer. He said that the debate is mainly on this issue. Will prohibiting political advertisements help or harm the voice of the users?

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    Voters may also be adversely affected

    Stopping advertisements may also prove to suppress the voices of some groups. However, there is also a risk that misinformation will spread due to political advertisements. This may also adversely affect voters. A Facebook spokesperson declined to comment. However, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg says he will not control the advertisements and posts of political leaders.

    Accusations of not stopping misinformation

    Preparations to ban political advertisements are underway at a time when Facebook is facing allegations of not stopping hate messages and misinformation on its platform. Due to this, the social media company is under tremendous pressure. It is believed that due to this, preparations are being made to ban political advertisements.


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