Good news for job seekers abroad; 59,000 seasonal work visas will be granted this year


RIYADH: Human Resources and Social Development Minister Eng. Ahmed Alrajhi informed. The Minister revealed at a meeting of businessmen at the Makkah Chamber of Commerce headquarters that 59,000 seasonal work visas will have to be issued to recruit various workers from different countries on a temporary basis.

Such recruitments are required during special seasons like c. Companies doing various jobs in this regard require workers on a temporary basis. If it is not available from the home country, it will have to depend on foreign countries. In such a situation, seasonal visas will help the companies to facilitate their work, the minister explained.

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Thus, while recruiting foreigners on seasonal visas, it should be ensured that they are capable of doing their jobs. Moreover, it should be remembered that those who come on seasonal work visa will not be allowed to perform Hajj. If Hajj is allowed, it will be a serious violation of the law.


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