Kuwait resumes opening work permits to Egyptians after 16 months


Opening work permits in the private sector for Egyptians after 16 months of cessation, on the condition of a medical examination with the national number

“I explained.”Newspaper“16 months after the decision of former Interior Minister Talal Al-Khaled to stop issuing work permits to new Egyptian workers, the Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Defense and Acting Minister of Interior Sheikh Fahd Al-Youssef directed the General Administration of Residency Affairs, in coordination with the Public Authority for Manpower and the Kuwaiti Embassy In Cairo, to receive requests to issue these permits in accordance with Article 18, to work in the private sector.

“Al-Jarida” quoted its sources as saying that the “Manpower Forces” stipulated in order to approve granting the permit “the necessity of conducting a medical examination for the worker before his arrival to the country using the Egyptian national number, and through the official papers related to the examination, to block any attempts to tamper with the results if they are positive or not.” It qualifies its holder to obtain a permit and enter the country.”

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A month ago, the “Manpower” and “Residence Affairs” authorities began receiving applications for work permits for Egyptian workers in accordance with Article 17 of the Residency Law to work in the government sector.

It is noteworthy that the former Minister of Interior, Sheikh Talal Al-Khaled Al-Sabah, had previously issued a decision to suspend work permits for Egyptians a year and a half ago, against the backdrop of talk about selling residency permits through Egyptian employment agencies.

And I askedKuwait Public Authority for ManpowerAt that time, its counterpart in the Arab Republic of Egypt would verify the integrity of the contracts that precede the recruitment process to Kuwait in coordination with the relevant authorities in the country and adherence to Kuwaiti legislation and regulations to limit any violations resulting from non-compliance with them, which ends with the deportation of the violating worker. Kuwait called on the Egyptian Ministry of Labor to focus on the role of recruitment agencies and the role of government agencies in monitoring it to ensure the protection of workers’ rights before they travel and to ensure the validity and safety of recruitment procedures.



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