Meta launches an AI-powered advertising program on WhatsApp


Meta launched a new program for companies on WhatsApp powered by artificial intelligence, in a move aimed at generating profits from the famous application.

She declared Meta company During its conference in Brazil, it announced the launch of the first advertising program supported by artificial intelligence on the messaging application. WhatsApp“.

This announcement comes as part of the company’s ongoing endeavor to expand the scope of its commercial services on WhatsApp, and achieve profits from its huge user base.

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, revealed the new tools in a video clip during the conference, stressing that this step will represent a major shift for WhatsApp.

In the past, the platform primarily focused on providing an encrypted messaging service that maintained users’ privacy, and avoided using targeted advertising tools common in other meta apps like Facebook and Instagram.

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Over the past years, Meta has introduced many features related to commerce and payments on WhatsApp, including “business messaging” tools that enable businesses to communicate with customers and send them marketing materials.

However, these tools were limited in their capabilities, and often sent spam to users.

The new program powered by artificial intelligence is expected to revolutionize advertising on WhatsApp, as it will enable companies to target their audience more accurately and effectively, and provide a personalized shopping experience to users.

The program will also provide advanced analytical tools to companies, to help them measure and improve the performance of their advertising campaigns.



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