Parents in UAE can’t leave kids in cars while they shop in malls, warn police

Some parents are leaving children in cars with AC turn on as kids are not allowed inside shopping malls.
The Ajman Police have warned parents against leaving their children alone in cars.

With a ban existing for children under 10 years to enter malls and other public places, many parents are leaving their children in cars while they enter shopping centres or malls.

According to the police, in view of the Covid-19 restrictions on taking children under 10 years of age to shopping centres, parents leave them in cars with the engine running and air conditioner switched on while they go shopping. “Parents must know that such an act is punishable by law as it poses risk to the child’s life,” a social media post by the police warned.

The warning comes as part of an awareness campaign titled “Your responsibility”, launched to curb harmful practices during the UAE’s fight against Covid-19.

“It is dangerous to leave young children alone inside the vehicles, especially with the high temperature outside. The hot temperature causes air conditioners in cars to emit toxic gases that could cause suffocation to the children. This could even become deadly,” said the police.



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