Saudi Arabia’s robot molests female TV presenter, video goes viral


Saudi Arabia Robot Video: A video is going viral very fast on social media. The video going viral is said to be from Saudi Arabia. Everyone is surprised to see the actions of the robot in this video.

Actually, when the female TV presenter was giving information to the people about the robot, the robot was seen doing some obscene acts to her from behind. Due to this, the TV presenter also got scared for a few moments and was seen looking back and examining the situation.

The name of this AI robot of Saudi Arabia is being told as Android Mohammed. This robot is the first male humanoid robot of Saudi Arabia. However, Saudi’s first robot is facing criticism from the people. People are commenting in various ways after seeing his actions.

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People are having thoughts on the video going viral

People are continuously sharing their views on the video going viral. Some people are very upset with this action of this robot. While some people believe that this was his normal movement. It just happened by chance.

Sharing his views on the video going viral, a person wrote, “It was just a normal movement.” Coincidentally, the female anchor was standing very close to the robot. That’s why he felt that the robot was touching him.” Another person says about this that, I don’t know what the robot of Saudi Arabia can do.

Well, whatever may be the case, the female TV presenter was frightened for a moment by this action of the robot and as long as she was present there, she appeared frightened by the action of the robot. A video of this incident went viral very fast on social media. Used to be.

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