Saudi authorities arrested 19710 illegals in one week


Riyadh: Strict inspection and punishment continue against those who violate various laws and stay illegally in Saudi Arabia. A total of 19,710 foreigners were arrested during the week for violating residence, employment and border security regulations. 12,961 people were arrested for violation of residence law, 4,177 for illegal border crossing and 2,572 for labor law violations.

Of the 979 people arrested for trying to enter the country illegally, 54 percent were Yemenis, 43 percent were Ethiopians, and three percent were from other countries. 46 people who tried to enter neighboring countries were caught. 12 people were taken into custody for smuggling and harboring law breakers.

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The Ministry of Interior asked the public to report suspected violations to the toll-free number 911 in the Makkah and Riyadh regions and 999 or 996 in the rest of the country. The ministry warned that anyone who facilitates illegal entry into the country will face a maximum of 15 years in prison and a fine of up to 10 lakh riyals, as well as confiscation of vehicles used for transportation, houses used for residence and other properties.


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