The first Arab country that allowed boys and girls to live together without drinking and drinking alcohol


The United Arab Emirates has announced that the country now allows them to live together without marriage and at the same time has made it legal to drink alcohol in the country.

As the United Arab Emirates is becoming a country, a large number of tourists from all over the world including the West visit the country. The UAE has announced new laws to make it easier for Islamic laws prohibiting living together or drinking alcohol.

But, from now on, couples can live together without getting married or be banned by anyone, anywhere in the UAE.

Typically, Middle Eastern countries, which follow Islamic laws, do not allow such activities. The WAM news agency has said that the decision has been taken to boost the country’s social prestige and UAE economy.

The UAE is making bold strides that made it a center of loch’na before the UAE struck a friendship deal with Israel and later supported France.

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From now on, the UAE is also ready to welcome tourists to this ‘Rai’. According to the government, the UAE has suffered a lot due to the Coronavirus mahoma, and is now taking steps to recover its tourism industry.

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