The passenger has difficulty breathing, the plane makes an emergency landing


RIYADH: The plane made an emergency landing at the Riyadh airport to provide emergency treatment to a passenger who suffered breathing problems during the Hajj journey from Bihar to Madinah, but could not save his life. Momina Katoon (69), a native of Bihar, landed in Riyadh seeking permission to fly to Medina for emergency treatment.

Momina Kathun left for Hajj with her son and husband on Fly Adeel’s F3 6047 Hajj flight from Kolkata to Madinah on Sunday, May 12. After some time the journey started, Kathoom started feeling physical discomfort. When there was no relief, the crew was informed. When it was confirmed that he needed urgent treatment after being rushed to the hospital, the captain sought permission for an emergency landing in Riyadh mid-flight. The health condition of the patient was also informed to the airport authorities.

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According to the information given by the crew about the passenger’s illness, all facilities were prepared at the Riyadh airport to transfer the plane to the hospital immediately after landing. Under the leadership of the airport’s medical team, they were immediately admitted to the nearby Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz Hospital, but their lives could not be saved. After reporting the information to the Indian Embassy from the airport, social worker Shihab Kotukadethi provided further assistance.

He informed that the burial will take place today in Riyadh. Her husband and son, who were traveling with Momina, are staying in Riyadh. After burial they will return to Medina. Momina said goodbye without realizing her dream of performing Hajj. Momina’s husband Muhammad Sadarul Haq and son Muhammad Miraj expressed their gratitude for the support and help provided by the flight crew, airport authorities, embassy and social workers during the emergency.



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