UAE has revised the country’s fuel prices


Abu Dhabi: Based on the change in global oil prices, the UAE has revised the country’s fuel prices. April fuel prices are a disappointment for petrol users but a relief for diesel users.

In other words, in the month of April, when the price of petrol was increased in the UAE, the price of diesel was reduced. The revised price is effective from midnight. The fuel price decision committee has released the new fuel prices for March 2024 in the UAE. There is an increase in all categories of petrol this time. The Fuel Price Determining Committee stated that the ongoing fluctuations in the international oil market have also affected the determination of local fuel prices.

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the new price fixed by the UAE Fuel Price Determination Committee in 4 districts, thus according to the new price in

AprilIn the month of March, Super 98 petrol was priced at AED 3.03 per liter in the UAE. As per the new price, special 95 petrol will cost Dhs 3.03 per litre. Last month, Special 95 petrol was 2.92 dirhams. The price of E-Plus category 91 petrol liter has been increased from 2.85 dirhams to 2.96 dirhams.

The UAE Fuel Pricing Committee has revised the price of diesel from Dh3.16 to Dh3.09 per litre. The UAE Fuel Pricing Committee stated that the price of a barrel of oil has increased significantly in March 2024 and the petrol pricing changes are in line with the trends of the global oil market.



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