UAE, the National Emergency Management Authority calls on people not to leave the house unless necessary


UAE: The necessity of staying at home during weather conditions and not going out except in cases of extreme necessity

The National Emergency, Crisis and Disaster Management Authority called for…The UAE It is necessary to stay at home during the weather and not to go out except in cases of extreme necessity, and to park cars in places far, safe and high above the areas of flowing valleys, reefs and water bodies.

The Authority points out the necessity of taking preventive measures in the event of rain or hail to reduce their impact on property.

It also called on all members of society not to be led by rumors and to obtain all information from official sources.

The countries of the region are exposed to a depression, while the Emirates News Agency indicated that the National Center of Meteorology expects that the unstable weather will continue tomorrow, with cumulus clouds interspersed with rain of varying intensity in different areas, a noticeable drop in temperatures, and winds of moderate to active speed and strong at times, especially with clouds. It may cause dust and dirt, leading to reduced horizontal visibility.

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The National Center of Meteorology said that the country will witness, until this afternoon, cumulus clouds over the coastal areas moving towards the eastern and northern regions, accompanied by rain of varying intensity, lightning and thunder, with the possibility of hail falling in some areas.

He added that cloud formations will continue in the western regions inland, from this afternoon until tomorrow morning, Wednesday. The amount of cumulonimbus clouds increases, and rain of varying intensity falls with lightning and thunder, with the possibility of hail falling on some areas.

The center explained: “From tomorrow morning, Wednesday, until noon, some cumulus clouds will form over the coastal areas, accompanied by rain, then they will concentrate on the eastern and northern regions, and the clouds will gradually decrease from the afternoon of the same day.”

The National Center of Meteorology called for caution while driving vehicles in the event of rain and to stay away from areas of flowing valleys and water accumulations, adding that it is monitoring the situation around the clock and will continue to provide the public with the latest developments.



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