Weather warning for some areas of UAE


Abu Dhabi: The authorities have warned that there is a possibility of strong winds in some areas of the UAE.

Abu Dhabi authorities have warned that people should be careful when traveling in vehicles and walking on the roads as there is a possibility of dust clouds being raised by the high-speed winds.

The Department of Municipalities and Transport in Al Dhafra region has informed that doors and windows should be closed to prevent dust and dirt from entering the buildings. The notification also states that the drivers should follow traffic safety measures in adverse conditions. It has been advised to stay away from open areas during dust storms and to heed weather warnings from official sources.

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When the wind is strong, work such as demolition of buildings, etc., and the operation of the machines should be stopped. Do not lift goods with cranes. Items that are likely to be blown down by wind should be moved from heights and open areas. Necessary warnings should be given to everyone in workplaces. Work in open areas and heights should be stopped. Instructions have also been given to stop the operation of heavy equipment and vehicles.



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