Al-Ahly vs. Al-Hilal .. All you want to know about the Saudi football clasico


The Saudi football Clasico, which brings Al-Ahly and its guest Al-Hilal together at the top of the 26th round of the Saudi League, will be held this evening Thursday evening , which promises great excitement despite the different circumstances of the two teams.

In the following report, “Erm News” monitors the most important and prominent features of the Al-Ahly Clasico against Al-Hilal.

The match will be held at the (Al-Jawhara Al-Muaha) stadium in Jeddah at nine o’clock five minutes KSA time within the twenty-sixth round of the Saudi League.

The match was broadcast on (ksa sports1) channel with the voice of commentator Fahd Al-Otaibi

Al-Hilal occupies the top of the league standings with 60 points, 9 points behind Al-Nasr, its closest competitor, and the team needs to achieve only 7 points in the next five matches to ensure the league title.

Al Hilal has the largest balance of victories by reaping 18 wins, while the team tied in 6 confrontations and suffered one defeat. The team scored 62 goals, and it is the one with the strongest attack, and Al Hilal received 21 goals.

Al-Ahly ranks third with 43 points, and the team won 13 wins, drew 4 times and received 8 defeats, and Al-Ahly scored 42 goals and received 30 goals.

There will be a thrilling conflict between the French attacking duo Baftembe Gomez, the star of Al Hilal, who scored 20 goals, sharing the top scorer in the league with Moroccan Abdul Razzaq Hamdallah, Al Nasr striker, along with Syrian Omar Al Somah, Al Ahly striker, who scored 16 goals

And absent from the ranks of the Brazilian Crescent, Carlos Eduardo, Abdullah Atif, Nawaf Al-Abed and Salman Al-Faraj, due to lack of readiness.

Hilal’s formation appears closest to Al-Ahly, led by goalkeeper Abdullah Al-Mayouf, and in front of him is the four-line defender Ali Al-Blehi and South Korean Jang Hyun Soo with right-back Muhammad Al-Barik and left-back Yasser Al-Shahrani.

The midfielder, Mohamed Cano, leads the Colombian side, Gustavo Cuellar, with the Italian playmaker Sebastian Giovinco, one of the most important cards of coach Lucescu to penetrate from the depth with the distinguished two sides Salem Al Dosari and the Peruvian Andre Carrillo with the sniper Gomez in the attack.

Osama Nabih, the Saudi coach of Al-Shoala, told “Erm News” that Al-Hilal’s plan appears almost fixed and depends mainly on high pressure in the offensive line, using the strength and speed of Gomez, the skills of Al-Dosari and Carrillo, and Giovinco’s breakthroughs.

He added, “Al Hilal has a homogeneous defense line, and Cuellar has added rigidity to the midfield, which helps the team to control and spoil the opponents’ attacks, which has appeared during the last period.

Al-Ahly is looking to win a victory and benefit morally from this victory by stabilizing its feet in the golden square, led by Serbian technical director Vladan Miloevic, who confirmed before the meeting that his team is going through a state of instability and some influential absences.

Al-Ahly suffers from the absence of Algerian Youssef Al-Belaili, Cape Verdean player Djanini Tavares, German Marco Marin, Brazilian Joseph de Souza, Hussein Al-Maqhawi, Muhannad Asiri, Haitham Asiri, Saeed Al-Mawled, Noah Al-Moussa, Hassan Al-Ali, Ahmed Bassas, Moataz Hawsawi and Hussein Abdelghani.

Al-Ahly relies on a semi-urgent squad that includes goalkeeper Mohamed Al Owais and in front of him is the Brazilian quartet Lucas Lima, Muhammad Abdo Kharabani, Abdul Basit Hindi and Abdullah Hassoun in the defense line

The midfield is led by Youssef Al-Harbi and next to him is Ali Al-Asmari and Salman Al-Moasher, and in front of them is Abdel-Fattah Asiri and Abdel-Rahman Gharib, behind striker Omar Al-Somah.

Nabih said that Al-Ahly absences will cast a shadow, despite the presence of important elements, on top of which is Al-Somah, the team’s scorer, explaining that coach Vladan will search for defensive insurance and control the midfield as much as possible.

He explained that Al-Ahly will enter the meeting looking for a positive result, especially since the match is on its home soil, stressing that Al-Ahly’s strengths are the experiences of Al-Somah and the skills of Asiri, Gharib, and Al-Moasher as play makers



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