A decision to withdraw Kuwaiti citizenship from 7 people


The Kuwaiti government strictly applies citizenship laws, as dual citizenship is prohibited in cases stipulated in the law, which requires the withdrawal of Kuwaiti citizenship from violators.

The Kuwaiti government announced on Monday…Withdrawal of citizenship Kuwaiti citizenship of seven people according to decisions issued by the Supreme Committee for Nationality Investigation.

These decisions come based on Articles 9 and 11 of Emiri Decree No. 15 of 1959, which regulates Kuwaiti nationality law.

Article 9 stipulates that a foreign wife who obtains Kuwaiti nationality under Articles 7 and 8 does not lose her Kuwaiti nationality upon the end of the marriage, unless she regains her original nationality or acquires another nationality, according to the Official Gazette “Kuwait Al-Youm.”

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As for Article 11, it indicates that the Kuwaiti citizen loses his citizenship if he chooses naturalization With a foreign nationality. However, his Kuwaiti wife retains her citizenship unless she acquires his new citizenship.

The article also stipulates that minor children lose their Kuwaiti nationality if they adopt their father’s new nationality in accordance with the law pertaining to that nationality, while they retain the right to choose Kuwaiti nationality by announcing this to the Minister of Interior within the two years following their reaching the age of majority.

These decisions reflect the Kuwaiti government’s commitment to strictly implement nationality laws, ensuring the preservation of national identity and preventing dual citizenship in cases stipulated in the law.



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