Abu Dhabi restaurant shut down over insects found in kitchen, poor hygiene


Abu Dhabi: The authorities have closed a restaurant in Abu Dhabi after it was found that it did not meet the hygiene standards. The Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Food Food Safety Authority (ADAFSA) announced through social media that action has been taken against the establishment ‘Desi Pak Punjab Restaurant’.

Apart from the presence of insects in the cooking area of ​​the restaurant, the officials were also convinced that the cleanliness of the establishment was not as per the prescribed standards. In a statement released by the Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Food Food Safety Authority, the lack of adequate ventilation also contributed to the action. Officials also said that there were repeated violations on the part of ‘Desi Pak Punjab Restaurant’.

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The restaurant must remain closed until the food safety violations found are resolved. Apart from this, other criteria must also be met. The Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Food Food Safety Authority has informed that the closure order will remain in effect until then. The public has also been requested to call the hotline number 800555 if they notice violations related to food safety.



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