Just days until amnesty ends; 35,000 resident offenders availed the benefit


KUWAIT CITY: It is estimated that approximately 35,000 illegal residents of Kuwait have taken advantage of the amnesty granted by the Ministry of Interior. The amnesty, which was issued in March, ends on June 17.

Sources concerned said many have left the country taking advantage of the amnesty, while others have adjusted their status or initiated procedures. At the same time, the Ministry of Home Affairs has warned that with the amnesty period ending on June 17, a strict inspection campaign will be launched against the residence violators.

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During the amnesty period, illegal residents can leave the country without penalty or punishment. Later they can return to the country on another visa. Those who wish to remain in Kuwait can validate their residency permit by paying a fine. This decision will benefit 1.2 lakh violators. Those who have the documents can directly approach the Immigration Department to complete the process. Or if there are no documents, you have to collect the outpass from the embassies of the respective country and reach the Immigration Department.



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