Amid the growing Islamophobia, the famous American actor said Qubool Islam, “This is a beautiful religion


US-based actor and comedian Dave Chappell is a firm believer in the Islamic faith. With a few years passed, this 47-year-old actor has built a long-lasting relationship with his religion and upholds strong beliefs.

Actor and comedian Dave Chapley has a very unique view of the religion of Islam. He has taught Islam for most of his life. The actor has been able to inspire his invaluable religious values in his routine.

Recently, in the latest season of the Netflix series, actor and comedian Dave made a special appearance on the show My Guest Needs No Introduction with host David Letterman. In that interview, with whom did he share how to accept Islam and to follow what was said about the deen.

A 47-year-old man, a 17-year-old boy working in a local pizza shop in Washington DC, inspired Islam to accept Islam. He said that what caught his attention was the generosity and positive thinking of Muslim employees.

During the interview segment, the actor shared his favorite stories from the history of Islam about the origins of Zamzam water. He further explained how his faith gave him the opportunity to use comedy for a greater purpose.


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