Big news for these non-residents, including Indian migrants, come now.


UAE’s Abu Dhabi has announced the issuance of free occupation licenses for migrants from any country, foreigners will be able to do 48 types of business in the state. This news is no less than good news for all non-residents.

According to a report by the UAE G state news agency WAM, the Abu Dhabi government says the move is “an effort to make the labor market more flexible and strengthen the position of companies operating in the services sector.” Along with the economy of the country, they will also be able to give employment to workers.

According to the UAE government’s royal ruling, “foreign workers will be issued licenses to work in computer programs, consultancy, real estate business, legal consulting, public relations, tourism and the fine arts.

In Abu Dhabi, the Department of Economics and Promotion states that “licensing will allow foreigners to conduct their business from their place of residence or from any other place that may be permitted.

Last month, Dubai announced a new program that would allow foreign professionals to work online. The United Arab Emirates has relaxed its visa policy. Investors, students and professionals will now be allowed to stay and stay in the UAE for a long time.


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