Bahrain comprises 48% of offenders overseas in drug cases

  • Arrested in connection with drug cases in Bahrain.

According to the official report, 48 percent of the total foreigners were arrested last month in connection with drug cases in Bahrain. And according to the report of the state interior ministry, the rest were citizens of Bahrain.

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  • 70 percent of drug offenses involved in illegal activities

The report that came out said that 70 percent of the drug offenses were involved in the illegal activities reported last month. Twenty-eight percent of drug offenses were caught at Bahrain International Airport and two other cases were reported at the King Fahd Causeway connecting Bahrain to Saudi Arabia.

  • Of the drug cases, 93 were suspected men and the rest women.

According to the data, 93 of the suspected drug cases were male and the rest were female. Let us tell you that in Bahrain, drug offenses can be punished even till death.


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