Bhuvneshwar said on bowling attack, there is no need to tell each other, focus on the process, not the result


Team India fast bowler Bhuvneshwar Kumar said that he likes to focus on the process like Mahendra Singh Dhoni. He does not think about the result.

Team India fast bowler Bhuvneshwar Kumar said that he likes to focus on the process like Mahendra Singh Dhoni. He does not think about the result.

New Delhi: Team India fast bowler Bhuvneshwar Kumar said that like former captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni (MS Dhoni), he focuses on the process, not the result. With this, he said about Team India’s fast bowling attack that he is so experienced that no one has to tell more than each other. We talk among ourselves in short words. Bhubaneswar said these things while talking to former wicketkeeper batsman Deep Das Gupta. Bhuvi said that he keeps himself away from the result and pays attention to small things. He clarified that he called it process.

Positive results in ipl

Bhuvneshwar Kumar said that focusing on the process helps him achieve the desired results. He said that when some of his seasons were going well in the Indian Premier League (IPL), then he noticed his process. They found that the results changed drastically and were quite positive.

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Kumar said, who is at the other end, it does not matter

Bhuvneshwar Kumar said that when he takes the field for Team India, then who is bowling from the other end does not matter much. Bhuvi said that they do what they have to do. Mohammed Shami and Jasprit Bumrah are senior players. They also know what to do. So we discuss in less words what the batsman is trying to do. We do not need to tell each other much. We decide to bowl unanimously and keep pressure from both ends.

Bhuvi bowls well while saving goal

Looking at the figures of ODI cricket, it is clear that Bhuvneshwar Kumar has a good record while defending the goal in the second innings. On this, Bhubaneswar said that it is on its own, not intentionally done. He said that in the second innings, you try defensive bowling. He said that it is not that you do not want to bowl, but the mindset is defensive. Your length, runup remains the same, but they feel that it is a matter of field position somewhere. He feels that playing defensively and attacking depends largely on Fielding’s decorum. If you want to attack, then apply the slip, otherwise the sweeper keeps the cover. Hence the effect of manskita.

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Affect the subconscious

Bhuvneshwar said that he feels that it affects the bowlers’ subconscious, as batsmen do. Chasing the target of runs based on how many balls are left and how many wickets. Somewhere bowling also knows that when the front team is chasing a target of 350 runs then the batsman will create opportunities. So you try to diversify as much as possible. From the first ball, it is clear in your mind that the goal is to save. There are many times that you are out on a score of 200, so in such a situation, as a bowler, you know how to take a wicket. The captain and team management also knows that this is the strategy. If a few runs are gone in this process then fine.


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