Dubai: 120 residents donate blood in ‘every drop counts’ campaign


More than 100 UAE residents, of various nationalities, came together to donate blood as part of a campaign spearheaded by Dubai Police.

Aimed to promote a culture of voluntary blood donation among the community, the campaign was held in collaboration with the Positive Spirit, Dubai Police Health Club and the Navi Sports Club.

Fatima Buhajeer, Director of the Positive Spirit Council, emphasised the importance of blood donation and the need for community-wide participation in this humanitarian initiative.

She said, “Officers, non-commissioned officers, civilians, and individuals from diverse backgrounds participated in the blood donation campaign, recognising it as a national duty. This benefits the donors and those in need and reinforces the culture of social solidarity, voluntary work, and the noble humanitarian goals of strengthening community partnerships.”

Volunteers from the Positive Spirit provided information on the various health benefits of blood donation. These include activating the circulatory system, stimulating bone marrow cells to renew their activities and increase their effectiveness, reducing blood pressure and headaches, and increasing vitality and overall well-being. Blood donation also helps remove oxidants and reduce oxidative stress by raising antioxidant enzymes like “superoxide dismutase.”

In addition to educating the donors on these advantages, the volunteers also offered personalised advice, conducted medical examinations, and provided medical recommendations to ensure the safety and well-being of all participants.



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