Dubai International Airport confirms the return of its operations to normal


2,155 flights were canceled and 115 other flights were diverted through Dubai International Airport due to heavy rain

Operations are back To Dubai International Airport Back to normal after successfully dealing with the repercussions of precipitation Heavy rain The rains witnessed by the United Arab Emirates are considered the most abundant in 75 years.

Paul Griffiths, CEO of Dubai Airports, confirmed that the flight schedule at Dubai International Airport has been returned to its normal route faster than the previously established time plan, as the airport is currently operating at a rate of 1,400 flights per day.

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He revealed that 2,155 flights were canceled and 115 other flights were diverted due to heavy rain, and indicated that assistance was being provided to all travelers affected by flight cancellations or delays.

31 flights were diverted to Dubai World Central to ensure continuity of passenger flights.

“Despite initial challenges in transporting supplies due to road closures around Dubai International and Dubai World Central airports, Dubai Airports was able to distribute more than 75,000 snack packs to affected passengers across both airports,” Griffiths said.
Griffiths noted that there are some remaining challenges, including addressing the baggage backlog.
Dubai Airports advised guests to arrive at the passenger terminal only three hours before the departure time of their flights to avoid unnecessary crowding and facilitate the smooth running of operations.



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