Good news from Arabia – book all tickets before December 19


Closed flights around the world have been opened for a long time now. At the same time, since the vaccine of the virus has started getting its life, life has also started returning to the old way again. As you know, almost this corona virus vaccine is about to come in the market and its treatment has almost been found.

With the Kovid-19 vaccine, life seems to be desperate to get back on track as normal and the UAE has done a great job. UAE Emirates airline has now started a holiday sale.

Now you can make the ticket before December 19 and its validity will be to travel till May 31, i.e., as soon as you do now, the virus has started getting eliminated from the world. Gradually, its vaccine is also being started, so now most of the countries have started to start their life as before and it has been announced by the United Arab Emirates.

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The Holiday Sale has also been started by the United Arab Emirates. For this special fare has also been released and it has been told that for the new rate, a fare of only 1145 dirhams has been kept for going to southern cities of India like Thiruvananthapuram. This is very good news for those people.


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