Implementation of the decision to limit work to Saudis in delivery services begins


The first stage of implementing the decision includes implementing a number of requirements and controls that delivery service providers must adhere to, including activating the driver identity verification feature in applications.

I started today General Authority for Transport Implementing the first phase of the new decision that aims to limit work in delivery services to Saudis, as non-Saudis must now work in licensed delivery applications and light transportation companies gradually within 14 months.

This decision comes to enhance opportunities Work for citizens Saudis and stimulating local investments in various economic sectors.

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The decision includes the continuation of citizens’ work in this activity and the adoption of a uniform for non-Saudis working in this field.

In addition, it includes activating the feature of verifying the identity of drivers in applications, and setting the requirements and controls for the use of motorcycles in coordination with the relevant traffic authorities.

It is also permitted to display advertisements on light transport vehicles to enhance financial support for this activity.



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