The Saudi market suspends trading in shares of 8 companies


Trading in a number of shares of companies listed on the stock market has been suspended, due to the companies’ non-compliance in disclosing their financial statements, which affects transparency and integrity in the market.

She announced Saudi Arabia trading Today, trading in shares of eight companies in…Saudi stock market(TASI) and Growth Stock Market (Nomu), since these companies do not announce annual financial statements.

Management explained Saudi Arabia trading This procedure comes within the context of compliance with listing rules and to enhance the transparency and integrity of the financial market, stressing the importance of companies’ commitment to periodic financial reports and avoiding delays in disclosing the required financial statements.

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This decision came as a result of the non-compliance of companies whose shares were suspended; For its obligations to announce the annual financial statements for the year ending December 31, 2023, in accordance with the time period specified in the rules for offering securities.

The companies whose shares were suspended today include: the Saudi Fish Company, the Saudi Cable Company, and the Food Development Business Company, in addition to the Najran Cement Company, the Ayan Investment Company, the Saudi Clay Pipe Production Company, Al-Rashed Industrial Company, and finally the Shipping Handling Company.

Saudi Tadawul explained that this comes based on the market’s powers stipulated in the listing rules and the procedures for suspending trading in listed securities. Saudi Tadawul announces.


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