Mumbai Police asks for contract copy signed between Yash Raj Films and Sushant Singh Rajput


Contract copy has to be submitted as part of police interrogation

Mumbai Police on Thursday asked Yash Raj Films to submit a copy of the contract between the film production house and Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput in connection to the latter’s suicide investigation.Police have directed that the contract copy must be submitted soon while interrogation with Rajput’s friend and actor Rhea Chakroborty is underway.

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So far, the police have recorded the statement of Rajput’s business manager Shruti Modi and Radhika Nihalani from the PR team on Thursday.

Modi was working with the deceased actor from July 2019 to February 3, 2020, as per her statement to the police. She was with him during the promotions of the film Chhichhore.

According to Modi’s statement, Rajput was different, he was working on three important things which were his dreams including, virtual reality, nation India for the world, and Dream 150.

He was preparing to create a company of vivid range realistic virtual games, her statement added.

Apart from this, he was preparing to create a social service organization called Nation India for World and wanted to work with college students for the environment and society, as per Modi’s statement. However, Modi was unaware whether the company was registered or not.

Her statement further stated that Rajput was also working on a social project called “Geniuses and Drop Outs”.

According to the police, a “special telescope” is kept in Rajput’s residence, as he loved observing planets and stars.


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