Oman declares holiday on Monday for educational institutions


Muscat: The Ministry of Education has announced a holiday for schools in five governorates of Oman due to continued heavy rains. The holiday is in Muscat, North Al Sharqiya, South Al Sharqiya, Al Dakhiliya and Al Dahira governorates where adverse weather conditions prevail. It has been stated in the notification of the Ministry of Education that Monday (April 15, 2024) will be a holiday for all public, private and international schools here.

Heavy rains are continuing in various governorates in Oman, where the influence of low pressure is prevailing. Some parts of the governorates of Muscat, North Al Bathina, South Al Bathina, South Al Sharqiya, North Al Sharqiya, Al Dahira and Al Dakhiliya received thunderstorms.

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There are reports of water logging in many places. A school bus carrying children in Niabat Samad Al Shan in North Al Sharqia Governorate got stuck in a water dam in Wadi. Royal Oman Police informed that two people were rescued from here. The search is on for the missing persons. The two rescued people were shifted to Ibra Hospital. In Ibra Vilayam, a school bus carrying 27 students got stuck in a wadi and in another incident in Niswa Vilayam, 21 students got stuck in a waterlogged bus, according to official notices.

In North Al Sharqia, which received heavy rain, many places were flooded. The valleys are overflowing with water. A Rawda school here was flooded but no damage was reported, the Directorate of Education in North Al Sharqia said. The help of Royal Oman Police was sought to control the situation here.



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