Extensive testing continues; 20,667 expatriates were arrested within a week


Riyadh: 20,667 foreigners were arrested in Saudi Arabia in one week for violating residence, work and border security regulations. 14,805 were arrested for violating residency laws, 3,860 for trying to cross the country’s border illegally, and 2,002 for work-related violations.

53 percent of the 959 people arrested for illegally crossing Saudi Arabia’s borders and trying to enter the country are Ethiopians. According to the report released by the authorities, 44 percent of them are Yemenis and three percent are from other countries.

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58 people who tried to illegally cross the border of Saudi Arabia and enter the neighboring countries were caught within this week. Nine people were detained for smuggling and harboring lawbreakers. The authorities had already issued a strict warning against such acts. Those caught in this way face severe punishment in Saudi Arabia. 


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