Saudi Arabia launches 3 government initiatives to reduce the waste of blessings


Innovative programs to combat food waste and provide assistance to those in need. Among these programs is the “Donate” program, which provides an electronic platform to facilitate donations, in addition to the “Shakur” program, which targets companies providing food services to contribute to reducing food waste.

In an initiative aimed at combatingFood wasteIn Saudi Arabia, coinciding with the International Day for the Elimination of Waste, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia launched an initiativeSave grace.

According to an account, the “Hifz Al-Nima” Foundation establishedMinister of Municipal and Rural Affairs and HousingSaudi Majid Al-Hogail, through the (X) platform, by launching its new initiative coinciding withWorld Day for the Elimination of Waste.

The “Save the Blessing” initiative aims to spread awareness about the seriousness of food waste, develop innovative solutions to reduce this phenomenon, and enhance cooperation between various relevant authorities to develop national strategies to combat food waste.

A new strategy has been launched by the “Hifz Al-Nima” Foundation, which aims to reduce food waste and preserve surplus foods in an appropriate manner, in order to contribute to enhancing food sustainability and providing support to the relevant associations.

This strategy includes a series of programs and initiatives aimed at achieving these vital goals.

The initiative includes three main programmes:

1- “Shakour” program: It aims to reduce food waste by supporting companies providing food services.

2- “Save the Blessing” program: It focuses on developing innovative solutions to reduce food waste and provide food to those in need.

3- The “Donation” program: It provides an electronic platform and a multi-service application to collect donations and facilitate the donation process for the initiatives of the “Hifz Al-Nima” Foundation.

The organization’s objectives focus on providing sustainable solutions and practices to reduce food waste and raise awareness. In addition to spreading awareness about the seriousness of food waste and developing innovative solutions to address this phenomenon.



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