VVS Laxman said that Sourav Ganguly-Rahul Dravid partnership is very important for Indian cricket


VVS Laxman said that Sourav Ganguly-Rahul Dravid’s partnership is very important if Team India wants to succeed in every format of cricket.

Mumbai: Team India’s middle-order artistic batsman VVS Laxman believes that the partnership of Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) President Sourav Ganguly and National Cricket Academy (NCA) chief Rahul Dravid will be very important in advancing Indian cricket. Laxman said in a show that the partnership between BCCI President Ganguly and National Cricket Academy chief Dravid is very good for Indian cricket.

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This pair is important to succeed in every format

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VVS Laxman said that this partnership is very important for us if Team India wants to succeed in every format of cricket. He was also added to the current captain of Team India in this partnership. Said, everyone is important. Team captain, NCA chief and BCCI president.

Ganguly and Dravid made the same day debut

It is also a coincidence that Sourav Ganguly and Rahul Dravid, working together in BCCI, made their debut in Team India’s Test team together. Sourav Ganguly, one of India’s greatest captains, and Rahul Dravid, one of the trusted batsmen, both made their Test debut in England on 20 June 1996. Both of these veterans, who started their sweep from the historic ground of Lord’s, batted brilliantly in the first Test itself. Where Ganguly had scored a century, Dravid missed a century by five runs.

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Ganguly was disappointed to miss out on Dravid’s century

Ganguly scored 131 runs in 301 balls in this match. Had played a century. At the same time, Dravid had scored 95 runs from 267 balls. Recalling the match, Ganguly said that by the time Dravid came to bat, he had scored 70 runs. He still remembers that Dravid was at the other end when he completed his century by putting a cover drive on the point. Ganguly said that he was dismissed after an hour of tea after scoring 131 runs, but Dravid continued his innings. The next morning, he was watching the match at Lord’s Balakarni with the expectation that Dravid would complete his century, but he missed his century by just five runs.


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