Saudi Prince is fiercely angry at foreign minister at Bahrain conference, Arab country becomes a


Prince Turkey al-Faisal of Saudi Arabia has launched a string of ‘rails’ at the Bahrain Security Summit held on Sunday. Gabi Ashkenazi, the foreign minister of this’ rai’al, joined it online. Challenges have come in the way of any further dialogue between this Arab countries and the Arab countries.

According to news agency AP, Prince Turkish al-Faisal’s comments in the Manama Dialogue have surprised Israel because Israel’s foreign minister did not expect this to happen.

Especially when the Israelis were warmly welcomed by Bahrain and United Arab Emirates officials following agreements that normalized relations.

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There has been controversy and conflict between Israel and the Palestinians for decades. The Palestinians think that these agreements are a betrayal of them and are as if their Arab comrades have stabbed them in the back.


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