The poultry sector in Saudi Arabia achieves 68% self-sufficiency


Investments in the poultry sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia exceeded 4 billion riyals, and it is noted that this sector is witnessing remarkable growth according to recent statistics.

The poultry sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has achieved remarkable growth, accompanied by a relative increase in food self-sufficiency.

Where he witnessed Middle East Poultry Exhibition In its third edition in Riyadh, more than 20 agreements and memorandums of understanding were signed in the poultry sector, with a total value exceeding 4 billion riyals.

Under the slogan “Maximizing value and minimizing costs: value engineering in the poultry industry,” the exhibition attracted wide international participation, with the participation of more than 300 companies from 40 countries around the world, along with a group of the most prominent experts in the poultry, feed and animal nutrition sectors.

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This comes in light of the growth of the poultry industry sector in the Kingdom, where it has reached a self-sufficiency rate of 68%, which reflects the ongoing efforts to achieve food security and strengthen the local industry.

The national expansion plan to increase production aims to provide local products of high quality and reasonable prices, in addition to creating new investment opportunities in this vital sector.

According to Dr. Ali Al-Sheikhi, agent Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture The exhibition witnessed the attendance of 55 specialized companies and more than 320 local and international exhibitors, in addition to more than 20 workshops and lectures presented by more than 100 international experts, and the number of visitors is expected to reach more than 15 thousand people.

Statistics indicate that the poultry sector in the Kingdom is considered one of the fastest growing sectors, thanks to the great support provided to it by the government and the private sector, and the application of the highest standards and good agricultural practices to ensure the quality and safety of production.



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